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8 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Keep temptation at bay:

"I make labels for my kids' lunches with their name on them. When I purchase treats for them at the grocery store, I attach one of the labels to the actual food package; that way, it's already truly theirs and I consider it completely off-limits." - Olivia, 49, lost 18 pounds

Clock your miles:

"I never leave home without my pedometer. A goal I set was 10,000 steps a day and now I am up to 12,000. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment to log my steps in my calendar each day." - Gibson, 30, lost 20 pounds.

Take control:

"I struggled with stress and emotional eating for many years. I finally decided that it was about being 'bigger' than my feelings. I can't describe how great it feels to know now that I am completely in control of what I eat. My emotions have no power over what I put into my mouth." - Mark, 41, lost 39 pounds.

Have a realistic goal:

"I always heard having a realistic goal was important, but I didn't realize what that truly meant. I struggled for about a year to lose about 15 more pounds. It took me a lot of soul-searching to realize the goal I had set for myself just was not doable. I will never wear the same size I wore to my senior prom. I lost five more pounds and I am completely happy at this size." - Shannon, 51, lost 45 pounds

Downsize your dinner:

"I have one fool-proof tip. Eat supper off a smaller plate, like a salad plate." - Jane, 29, lost 24 pounds (and still going!)

Talk yourself up:

"I had a terrible habit of talking myself down, you know, like, 'I can't walk 20 minutes, much less 45.' or 'I'll never be able to stop binge eating at night.'. I had to learn to focus on the positive and say to myself, 'Look how far you've come.' instead of thinking about how far I'd yet to go." - Wendy, 40, lost 51 pounds

Bye-bye bread:

"Before, I ate bread with every meal and even between them. Now, I only have it once a day and it's always whole-grain varieties. I have lost 10 pounds already. I figure it's also because doing without the bread means I'm cutting a lot of butter, too." - April, 30, lost 10 pounds (and still going!)

Hit the snooze button:

"When I started making an effort to get at least eight hours of sleep at night, it made a noticeable difference. I can't swear I've lost weight directly as a result of it, but it certainly feels easier to lose now. I think being more rested keeps me more focused and in control of my eating habits." - Allison, 32, lost 40 pounds

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