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How Should The Over Fifty Age Group Exercise?

is a difficult one as much will depend on whether and how much exercise or sport has been part of everyday life or if the previous years have been spent as a couch potato. Many over fifty age group will fall somewhere either side of involvement in some element of exercise during their adult life, be it golf, gardening or just regularly walking the dog.

Others will have sat at a desk all day and come home to sit in front of the TV every evening and the computer at weekends before sitting down to a heavy meal and then down to the local bar. OK you guys, so you are getting to that time of life when you want to stay trim and attractive, but the hair is receding and there are signs of a beer gut coming.

Us ladies are becoming aware that our bums are sagging and our upper arms seem to have lost weight at the top and doubled in size underneath, every thing seems to be succumbing to gravity. What every over fifty year old has to realize is that the feel good factor will be a thing of the past unless remedial action is taken and taken today.

That weekly round of golf and walking the dog or going to the gym for a thirty minute workout and an hours gossip with the girls over coffee ain´t going to do the trick any longer!

Now is the time to get your act together, don’t leave it another day. Every delay is going to make it harder to stay feeling young and vital so lets get down to it right now!

No need to worry, unlike a lot of information on this site that is aimed at the dedicated keep fit addicts, this article wants only to encourage those who would like to stay looking and feeling good without exercise taking over their lives so that they are neither patronized or respected by their juniors!!!

Lets start off with basics of over fifties exercise

Number one respect your stomach and digestive system. You want to enjoy your food - who doesn’t? There is no reason not to pig out once or even twice a week on your favorite meals but and go easy on every other meal and just eat healthily and modestly for the rest of the week. Right that’s out of the way so we are moving on to the next step, and that is to keep our hearts pumping vigorously.

Exercises to keep the heart up to scratch are called cardio exercises and these workouts can vary from the comfortable to the extreme.

The object is to get the heart rate and breathing up for an extended period. Depending on our level of fitness when starting a regular routine of cardio exercises the duration and intensity is easily controlled using common sense.

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