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A Strong heart and lungs. Healthy blood pressure. Increased stamina. More energy.. Lower cholesterol. More restful sleep. Reduced risk of heart disease. Being able to run up the stairs without getting out of breath. These are just a few of the major benefits you enjoy when you’re fit…

And getting fit does not require hours and hours of strenuous exercise. Just thirty minutes of light aerobic exercise, 2 to 3 times a week, and you can enjoy all the benefits of a fitter healthier lifestyle.

Let us help you to get fit

Whatever you fitness level is now, our trainers are waiting to get you back in shape. Our personal trainers help you in your goal setting and ensure you follow a programme that works for you. Not only that, but at West Wood Clubs you have an endless choice of options to help you get you fit. Walk, run, cycle, step, climb, ski, spin, swim – or join in any of our 1,000 fitness classes.

And remember, being fit doesn’t just mean being able to run a marathon. It can simply mean having the energy to kick a ball in the park with the kids. You have many levels of fitness and many ways to attain them.  

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