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Body Sculpting and Pilates Classes

The revolutionary Gravity™ workout class took the fitness world by storm in 2010. And was introduced to Ireland by West Wood Club in 2014.

Gravity™ classes are ‘pilates inspired’ body sculpting workouts.  The classes are based around ‘small group’ personal training, with only you and a few other clients to each trainer.

Gravity™ classes are completely FREE to West Wood Club members.

The secret to success with Gravity™ is the FIVE scientifically proven training components that are combined into your group training class.

  1. Strength training – to build strong muscles
  2. Endurance training – to increase muscular endurance
  3. Cardio training – to burn calories and get you fit
  4. Interval training – to reduce fat and increase your metabolism
  5. Pilates and Yoga inspired fitness training – to develop a slim and supple body.

Gravity™ classes at West Wood Club…

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