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A personal trainer at West Wood Club in Dublin 18
Gym Manager Katie Flynn


If you’re looking for Personal Trainers South Dublin, contact Personal Trainer Katie Flynn. Katie started as a receptionist in our Clontarf gym in 2017. In 2018, she moved to our Sandymount gym in Dublin 4 where she worked as a Personal Trainer. In 2020, Katie became Gym and Group Fitness Manager in our Leopardstown Gym. Katie holds a National Certificate in Personal Training (Level 4), a National Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Level 3) a National Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and is currently studying for an Msc in Food, Nutrition and Health at UCD. Katie specialises in Strength and Conditioning along with ‘Mindset and Motivation’. Katie is a qualified LesMills instructor in RPM, Sprint, The Trip, BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyBalance, CxWorx and Grit. for Personal Training South Dublin, contact Katie today.

Personal Trainers South Dublin
Personal Trainer Giordan Brewer


Giordan Brewer started at our Dublin 18 gym while undertaking her Leisure Management and personal training degree back in 2018. On completion, Giordan stayed with West Wood Club and has since qualified as a Les Mills group fitness trainer in BodyPump, BodyAttack, Grit, Sprint and BodyCombat. She will soon complete her EQF level 4 in advanced personal training at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy this year. For Personal Trainers South Dublin, contact Giordan Brewer today.

Robyn Hunt
Personal Trainer Robyn Hunt


Robyn Hunt has been working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at our gym in Leopardstown in Dublin 18 since 2019. Robyn is an EQF Level 4 Qualified Personal Trainer, specialising in Strength and Conditioning and Weight Management. Robyn is a LesMills qualified instructor in BodyAttack, BodyCombat, GRIT, Sprint and CxWorx. 

Personal Trainer Dublin Anna Sutton
Personal Trainer Anna Sutton


Anna Sutton has been a personal trainer at our leopardstown gym in Dublin 18 since 2017. Anna holds an advanced QQI Level 5 Accreditation in Nutrition and Personal Training, specialising in women’s weight loss and overall health. Anna is qualified in 8 LesMills programs, RPM, Sprint, BodyAttack, BodyPump, BodyBalance, BodyCombat, Sh’Bam and GRIT. If you’re looking for personal trainers south Dublin contact Anna Sutton on your next visit.

Personal Trainer Dublin Alison Stewart South Dublin
Personal Trainer Alison Stewart Lord


Looking for Personal Training South Dublin? Personal Trainer Alison Stewart Lord completed her undergraduate Degree work placement at our Leopardstown gym in Dublin 18 in 2019, where she stayed on as a personal trainer and group fitness Instructor. Alison holds an EQF Level 4 Qualification in Exercise, Health Studies, Personal Training and Fitness Instruction. Alison specialises in weight loss, strength and conditioning, and building muscle. Alison is qualified in 4 LesMills modules; GRIT, BodyAttack, Sprint and BodyPump. 

Karla Young
Personal Trainer Karla Young


Karla Young is a qualified personal trainer and gym instructor, qualifying with the Elite Academy. Karla is also a certified Kettlebell instructor. Karla was a member of West Wood Club for many years before joining the personal training team at the gym this year. Karla specialises in strength and conditioning and advanced weight loss strategies. Karla holds four Les Mills instructor qualifications, including Sh’bam,  BodyAttack, BodyPump and BodyCombat. She’s a fantastic dancer and brings the Latino energy to her Sh’Bam classes. .

Personal Trainer Dublin Nuno Bonny South Dublin
Personal Trainer Nuno Bonny


Nuno Bonny has been a personal trainer in the gym at Leopardstown since 2019. Nuno also holds a Degree in Physiotherapy. With over 15 years of experience in the personal training industry, Nuno specialises in strength and conditioning, dance and flexibility. During his time in Portugal, Nuno was a qualified LesMills instructor teaching BodyJam, BodyStep and BodyBalance. Nuno has added to his Les Mills repertoire with West Wood Club where he now teaches BodyBalance, BodyAttack, BodyPump and Sh’Bam.

Personal Trainer Dublin Alex Leung South Dublin
Personal Trainer Alex Leung


Personal Trainer Alex Leung started his career with West Wood Club as a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor in 2016. Having attained a REPS Accredited Certification in Sport and Recreation, as well as Personal Training, Alex moved to the Gym where he specialises in weight loss and Aqua based exercise programme design for personal training clients. Alex is also a LesMills Instructor, teaching RPM, Sprint and BodyPump. For personal training South Dublin, contact Alex today.

Personal Trainer Dublin Eva Regan South Dublin
Personal Trainer Eva Regan


Eva Regan has been a personal trainer at at Leopardstown since 2013. Eva holds ITEC Qualifications in personal training, gym instruction, sports psychology, sports therapy, leisure management, nutrition, and anatomy and physiology. Eva is qualified in both mat and reformer Pilates. As a personal trainer she specialises in sports specific dynamic Pilates, pre- and post-natal training along with body transformation. Eva is a LesMills International qualified Instructor teaching BodyAttack, CxWorx, RPM, BodyBalance.

Dublin personal trainer Jamie Kelly at West Wood Club, Dublin 18
Personal Trainer Jamie Kelly


Jamie Kelly has been a personal trainer and group fitness coach at the gym in Leopardstown since 2016. Jamie holds an EQF Level 4 Certificate in personal training and Level 3 fitness trainer. Jamie specialises in strength training, muscle building, and circuit training. Jamie also holds 7 LesMills qualifications, teaching BodyPump, BodyAttack, BodyBalance, CxWorx, Grit, RPM and Sprint.

Personal Trainer Dean McLoughlin


Dean McLoughlin has been working at West Wood Club Leopardstown as a personal trainer and group fitness trainer for 2 years. Dean holds a REPS Accredited Certification in Personal Training (Level 4) and Fitness Instructor (Level 3). Dean specialises in working with older clients in working around injuries and risk factors to their health. Dean is also a qualified LesMills instructor in Sprint, CxWorx and GRIT. If you need professional Personal Training South Dublin, contact Dean today.

Personal Trainer Sean Mulderrig


Sean Mulderrig is a veteran personal trainer at the gym in West Wood Club Leopardstown, Dublin 18. Sean has too many fitness qualifications to mention. He holds certifications in nutritional counselling and personal training specialising in fitness, flexibility and functional strength training for people over 40. Sean is also an NLP master practitioner who loves helping people with fitness motivation, lowering stress, and dealing with emotional eating. Sean also teaches BoxFit, Kettle Bells, Gravity Pilates and Les Mills Body Balance, RPM, Sprint, CX Works.

Personal Trainer Sarah Doyle


Sarah Doyle started out at West Wood Club Leopardstown as a Front of House Receptionist in 2018. During this time, Sarah undertook her personal training Qualification through the Elite Fitness and Performance Academy. Sarah specialises in circuit training, mobility and core training, and lifestyle mindset. Sarah is also a Les Mills trainer teaching Sprint, RPM and BodyPump. 

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