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Group Fitness Instructor Rachel Bolton


Rachel Bolton Kearney has been a personal trainer at West Wood Club since the day the club opened back in 1999. Rachel’s numerous fitness qualifications include the national certificate in exercise & health studies, Charles Poliquin level 1 strength & conditioning, fit ball stability with Paul Chek, pre/post-natal training, kettlebell Ireland certification, step aerobics, and spin training. Rachel is a BodyAttack tribe coach. She is also fully qualified in BodyCombat, BodyBalance, The trip, Rpm, Tone, and Cx Worx

Personal Trainer and Les Mills Superstar Tine


After falling in love with fitness 15 years ago, heavily inspired by West Wood legend Rachel Bolton, Tine Boles decided to take the leap and become an Instructor and Personal Trainer. Tine’s love of body balance inspired her to further pursue Yoga. She travelled 7,000 km to Dharamsala, India to complete a 200-hour Yoga teacher training course. She added yin yoga and pilates mat work to the skills later on. Seven years ago Tine attended the first ‘Les Mills presenter boot camp in the UK and was selected to form part of the Presenter Trainer team. Tine now has the privilege of training other instructors to teach Les Mills classes. 

Personal Trainer Adelina Crisan


Adelina started as a Personal Trainer at the Clontarf club in 2016, she’s working with both our 6-day plan members, her own Personal Training Clients and teaches Les Mills classes. Also, she’s qualified as a Nutritionist Coach, Sports Nutrition for weight control Performance, and Yoga Instructor. Adelina specializes in Weight Loss and Strength, Flexibility to help people improve their bodies and health. Adelina is a qualified, Les Mills Elite BodyPump, Sprint, Body Balance, Tone, Grit, Yoga Instructor.

Personal Trainer Suleman


Suleman Sode joined the West Wood Club as a Personal Trainer in 2021. He is a fully qualified personal trainer and professional dancer. Suliman holds a Professional Certificate in fitness instruction EQF level 3, Group instruction EQF level 3, and Personal trainer EQF level 4. He teaches Gravity Strength, Gravity Core, and Bootcamp.

Studio Coordinator and Group Fitness Instructor


Margarida is our Studio Coordinator, she loves our classes and taking care of our members. She started in West Wood Club in 2018 as Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. She has been working in the fitness industry since 2013. Margarida is passionate about Pilates, Bodybalance, and the Trip. She has a degree in Sports Science, a Postgraduation in Personal Training, Pilates Complete Matwork Essentials, Healthy Maternity Course, and a Certification in Applied Functional Science.

Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


Ian has been a Personal Trainer and fitness instructor in Westwood Clontarf for 8 years. Ian specialises in Mobility and Calisthenics training and holds a National Qualification in Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training. Certificate Exercise and Health Fitness. KG Elite Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach Phase 1 and KG Elite Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach Phase 2. Ian is also a certified Les Mills instructor in BodyBalance, RPM and, CX Worx, and is also a Kettlebells and Circuits Instructor.

Personal Trainer Leon Otoole


Leon Otoole joined the West Wood Club Clontarf in 2022. Leon is a qualified Personal Trainer (NCEF Year 1, Level 6) and group fitness instructor. Leon also holds two LesMills qualifications in Bodypump and Grit. His favorite exercise is squats. He believes that squats are a great compound exercise. They work the quads and calves, burn the most calories, and are a staple of any weight loss/gain program.

Personal Trainer Sinead Darcy


Sinead started as a personal trainer in Westwood club in January 2022. She always had a love for fitness and training since she was in school. Her dream was to become a personal trainer and work in the fitness industry. Sinead is extremely passionate about fitness and specialises in strength training, she loves to use her knowledge to help people become the best version of themselves. She is training to become qualified if Les Mills Sprint.

Personal Trainer Nicolas Franca


Nicolas Franca has been a personal trainer and group fitness leader since 2019. Nicolas has extensive experience in the fitness industry having spent 6 years working in the Brazilian fitness industry. Nicolas holds a physical education teaching degree and a bachelor of physical education. Nicolas is also a certified instructor in RPM, BodyBalance, BodyPump.

Personal Trainer Rochelle Rodillas


Rochelle Rodillas has been a member of the West Wood Club since February 2015. Rochelle became a qualified LesMills instructor in 2021 and joined our instructor’s team in Clontarf in January 2022. She also holds a National Qualification in Exercise, Health Studies, and Personal training (EQF Level 4). Rochelle is currently certified in two LesMills programs: Body Attack and LesMills Core.

Personal Trainer Áine Darcy


Aine started as a personal trainer at the West Wood Club in January 2022. She always had a passion for fitness and has been training since she was 16 years old. Aine holds a National Elite Fitness Professionals Certificate in fitness instruction EQF level 3, Group instruction EQF level 3, and Personal trainer EQF level 4. 
She specializes in strength training to improve people’s physical appearance and helps people to become stronger and fitter. Aine is a qualified Les Mills instructor in BodyPump.

Personal Trainer Vinicius Fedyna


Vinicius Fedyna Joined the Clontarf Gym team as a personal trainer in 2021. Vinicius is a Brazilian Bodybuilder. Vinicius knows exactly what it means to push the body to extreme limits, experience cravings, and struggle both physically and mentally when undergoing a body transformation and this is why he understands his clients and is able to empathize with them when things get tough. Vinicius is a qualified Personal trainer at EQF Level 4 and a Group Fitness instructor at EQF level 3. He also is a Qualified LesMills BodyPump Instructor.

Group Fitness Instructor Aisling Sheridan


Aisling qualified in 2016 after developing a passion for weight lifting and strength training. Originally to only add knowledge to her own training this qualification threw her into a whole new world of coaching. She has been taking part in Westwood classes since 2014. Slowly making her way from the back of the class, to the front, and finally on stage. This is where you can find her most of the time. Qualified in 8 LesMills programs she loves to teach BodyBalance and Core.


Group Fitness Instructor Barry Boland


Barry has lived an active, health-conscious and sport filled life from a young age. Playing everything from GAA to tennis to athletics. This led him to make the choice of studying Physiotherapy at UCD. While in college he got a job in a private fitness centre where he learned group and one-to-one training. After college he continued learning everything relevant to health and performance,  working in 2 Physiotherapy clinics and also obtaining a Level 4 PT qualification (advanced/specialist) and Pilates training. Specialising in injury prevention, muscle gain, weight loss and longevity.

Group Fitness Instructor Sarah Anderson


Sarah has been a member of the West Wood Club since 2018 and in the year 2020 started working in Fitzone as a party host now as of summer 2021, she is part of the reception team. Sarah has always had a particular love for spinning. She was delighted to have the opportunity to become a LesMills certified instructor in THE TRIP and she is loving every moment of teaching the classes. She is very excited to continue to learn and improve.

Personal Trainer Matias Galante


Matias Galante joined the West Wood Club as a Personal Trainer in 2022. He is a fully qualified personal trainer and have a nutritional course for 3 years. Matias holds a Professional Certificate in Argentina fitness instruction  EQF level 3, Group instruction EQF level 3, and Personal trainer EQF level 4. He teaches Gravity Strength, Gravity Core, and Bootcamp.


Personal Trainer Ed Faria


Ed Faria graduated as a Personal Trainer in Origym in 2022 and he has a level 4 qualifications of masseuse from Senac – São Paulo. He has been training in the gym since 2007. He loves to help other people change their bad life for a good and healthy life, he used to teach Zumba, Jump, and Step in Brazil. Soon we will see Edi in one of our amazing classes. His inspiration is Superman because he teaches us about Hope.

Personal Trainer Aaron Maguire


Aaron Maguire joined the West Wood Club in 2022. He has 7 years of experience with personal training. From teaching a variety of classes such as spin, boot camp, pilates and BoxFit to helping with your individual goals, teaching and helping people has always been his passion. Aaron has helped hundreds of people transform their physique and mindset throughout his career.

Personal Trainer Tiarnan McCabe


Tiarnan Having boxed for many years, I’m very passionate about helping others get fit through boxing! For me, a healthy lifestyle is much more than just lifting weights. It’s about stretching, warming up, eating healthily, and getting the necessary rest and enough sleep. I love helping others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. I make it a goal to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health-related issues.

Personal Trainer Roberto Cansella


Roberto Cansella is a personal trainer in Westwood Clontarf. He started his career as a self-employed in 2020 and joined the West Wood Club team in June 2021. Roberto has been deep into boxing for 7 years and completed 15 official fights. He is very passionate about his job and specializes in human body movements. Roberto is a Les Mills qualified instructor in LM Core. He also holds ITEC level 2 and 3 qualifications in personal training, ITEC Level 3 in Strength and conditioning, and Level 1 in Coaching and Nutrition. He is also Certified in Precision Nutrition.

Personal Trainer Mia Conroy


Personal Trainer Mia has been a member of the West Wood Club since 2015. In 2021, She qualified as Personal Trainer and joined our team of professionals in Clontarf. Mia is specialized in health and well-being Personal trainer EQF Level 4 and Fitness and Group instruction EQF Level 3. Mia is a qualified LesMills instructor in Bodypump and Bodyattack. She also teaches Boxexercise and Kettlebells and is an amazing Hip-hop and freestyle dancer.

Fitness Instructor Sebastian Flores


Sebastian Flores joined Westwood Clontarf as a Personal Trainer in 2006. Sebastian specialises in functional and strength training. As a qualified Pilates instructor, Sebastian has been very focused on the designing of clients’ programs and workouts with a major focus on the core muscles. 
Sebastian is a Les Mills instructor and currently teaches Body Balance and Body Attack.

Personal Trainer Anna Stefanska


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