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North Dublin Personal Trainer Ruby Whyte
Gym Manager Ruby Whyte


If you need a personal trainer in North Dublin, or a personal trainer in Dublin 3, contact Ruby Whyte. Ruby is the gym manager at our Clontarf Gym. Before working as a personal trainer, Ruby was a member of West Wood Club for 7 years before joining the personal training team in 2015. Ruby had completed BTEC HND in dance technique and performance before completing her EHFA level 4 personal training qualification in UCD. Ruby is also an elite body pump instructor, she is also qualified in 8 Les Mills group fitness classes. She is currently studying a level 8 BA hons psychology degree in DBS.

Personal Trainer Vanessa Quiroga


Vanessa Quiroga has been a personal trainer and fitness coach at West Wood Club Clontarf for since 2019. Vanessa has extensive experience training and teaching racquetball across all age groups. Vanessa is also a certified nutritional coach. She is also a fully certified instructor in suspension training, kettlebells, step aerobics. She is also a BodyPump instructor.

Personal Trainer Lizzie Madin


Personal Trainer Lizzie Madin was a member of our Clontarf gym for 4 years before joining our north Dublin personal training team a year ago. Since then, Lizzie has qualified as a Grit, Sprint and CxWorx instructor. She specialises in strength and conditioning personal training for both male and female. Lizzie aims to motivate, educate and help all her personal training clients reach their fitness goals. She holds a EQF Level 4 in Personal Training and a GGS Level 1 Women’s Specialist Certificate.

Personal Trainer at Clontarf Dublin 3
Personal Trainer Adelina


Looking for a personal trainer in Dublin 3? Adelina has been a personal trainer and a group fitness Instructor in at Clontarf since 2015. Adelina specialises in helping personal training clients with weight loss and healthy eating. She is a qualified Nutritionist Coach, specialising in sport nutrition for weight loss and sports performance. She is an NEFPC advanced personal trainer. Adelina is also a certified as a Instructor in Elite BodyPump, BodyBalance, Grit, Sprint, Tone, Boxfit, TRX, Strong Man and Kettlebells.

Personal Trainer with The Edge in Clontarf Dublin 3
Personal Trainer Shauna Lynch


Personal Trainer Shauna Lynch has worked in our gym at Clontarf Rd, Dublin 3 since 2017. Shauna also has over 3 years’ experience as a Les mills instructor. She has a very unique fitness training background that started with Taekwondo. She has developed her Taekwando skills further to strength and conditioning training. Shauna is also qualified in BodyAttack and BodyCombat.

Personal Trainer Lauren Cuthbert at Clontarf Gym in Dublin 3 West Wood Club
Personal Trainer Lauren Cuthbert


Lauren Cuthbert has been one of our most popular personal trainers in North Dublin at our gym in Dublin 3 since 2017. Lauren specialises in woman’s strength training and Olympic weightlifting. Lauren also has an extensive background in dance and gymnastics. Lauren holds a national qualification in advanced personal training, exercise prescription, and health studies. She also holds many different dance and gymnastic coaching certificates. Lauren has experience working in the fitness industry across all age groups. Lauren is also a certified master trainer in BodyBalance, Sprint, Grit, Sh’Bam and CXWORX.

Personal Trainer in Dublin 3 at West Wood Club Gym
Personal Trainer Christina Diaconu


Cristina Diaconu started as a personal trainer and group fitness trainer at our gym at Clontarf Rd, Dublin 3 in 2020. Cristina, originally from Moldova, moved to Ireland in 2014. She has a dancing background of 10 years. Dancing influenced Cristina to become certified as a group fitness instructor in FPA Moscow. This qualifies Cristina as a classic aerobic, step and strength trainer. Cristina is also certified as an advanced personal trainer with an ITEC Level 3 Diploma. She also holds certificates in BodyBalance, Body attack and gravity strength.

Personal Trainer Luka at Dublin 3 Gym at West Wood Club
Personal Trainer Luka Pander


Personal Trainer Luka Pander has been an athlete since he was 8 years old. He has competed in professional water polo and has been a professional football player. He started as a personal trainer at West Wood Club Clontarf Rd in 2020. Luka has too many fitness qualifications to mention. He is a certified instructor for BodyAttack and The Trip. Luka specialises in Olympic power lifting and loves to incorporate this into his work with his personal training clients.

Personal Trainer Killian Fynes at west Wood Club Gym Clontarf Dublin 3
Personal Trainer Mark Murphy


Mark Murphy has been a personal trainer and fitness Instructor in our Dublin 3 gym at since 2018. Mark specialises in strength and conditioning, sports performance and body composition. Mark hols works with personal training clients with additional needs. Mark holds ITEC level 3 personal training and ITEC level 2 fitness instructor. Mark is also a certified personal trainer in sprint, Grit, Body combat, as well as a Kettlebells, Circuits, Box fit, Gravity pilates and Young at heart Instructor.

Dublin 3 Personal Trainer Killian Fynes
Personal Trainer Killian Fynes


Long-term West Wood Club trainer Killian Fynes has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at our Dublin 3 gym since 2013. Killian is fully qualified in seven Les Mills fitness training programmes. He is certified in level 4 personal training, level 1 precision nutrition, and is a qualified neuromuscular physical therapist. Killian is currently training to compete in an Iron man event in cork.

Personal Trainer Ian Dunne


Ian Dunne has been a personal trainer and group fitness trainer at our gym at Clontarf Rd, in Dublin 3 since 2013. In addition to being a highly qualified personal trainer, Ian is fully qualified in three Les Mills group fitness programmes. Ian also teaches kettlebells and circuit training. As a personal trainer, Ian specialises in mobility and calisthenics training, and incorporates them into his work with clients

Eamon Gillan Personal Trainer North Dublin
Personal Trainer Eamon Gillan


Personal Trainer Eamonn Gillan has been working with clients and teaching group fitness at our gym in Clontarf since 2015. Eamonn is a qualified strength and conditioning coach and a body sculpting Expert. Eamonn’s training methods involve using the latest scientific evidence to get you the results you want. Eamonn says, ‘if you’re ready to start getting the results you want and have a purpose in the gym, you can contact him to reach your desired fitness goals’.

Personal Trainer Michael May


Michael has been a personal trainer and fitness instructor at our Dublin 3 gym in Clontarf for 2 years. Michael has been competing in wrestling for over 8 years. This has helped him to specialise in strength and conditioning, as well as mobility training. He holds a level 3 EQF certificate in personal training and a level 4 certificate in fitness instruction. He is also an EQF qualified kettlebells instructor. Additionally, Michael is also qualified in BodyPump and BodyBalance

Personal Training Specialist Dublin
Personal Trainer Rachel Bolton


Rachel Bolton Kearney has been a personal trainer at West Wood Club since the day the club opened back in 1999. Rachel’s numerous fitness qualifications include the national certificate in exercise & health studies, Charles Poliquin level 1 strength & conditioning, fit ball stability with Paul Chek, pre/post-natal training, kettlebell Ireland certification, step aerobics, and spin training. Rachel is a BodyAttack tribe coach. She is also fully qualified in BodyCombat, BodyBalance, The trip, Rpm, Tone and Cx Worx

Anna Stefanska Coach in Dublin
Personal Trainer Anna Stefanska


Anna Stefanska has been a personal trainer our Dublin 3 gym since 2018. Anna loves being a personal trainer because she loves helping clients move better, feel better and be the best version of themselves. Anna has seen great results with people who want to lose weight, gain muscle, increased stamina and improve general fitness. For Anna, proper technique is the most important personal training step. Not only for achieving results but also to avoid injury. Anna specialises in core training, agility and plyometric’s. Anna has the following qualifications PFS gym instructor, PFS personal trainer, Zumba instructor level 1 and 2. She is also certified in 6 Les Mills class programmes including BodyPump and the Trip

Personal Trainer Margarida Teixeira


Margarida Teixeira is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at our gym in Clontarf. Margarida has been working in fitness as a personal trainer since 2015. Margarida specialises in pilates and post-natal exercise. She has a degree in sport science. She also has a postgraduate in personal training, pilates, and is certified in applied functional science. Margarida is teaches BodyBalance, BodyPump, The Trip and Tone.

Personal Trainer Nicolas Franca


Nicolas Franca has been a personal trainer and group fitness leader since 2019. Nicolas has extensive experience in the fitness industry having spent 6 years working in the Brazilian fitness industry. Nicolas holds a physical education teaching degree and bachelor of physical education. Nícolas is also a certified instructor in RPM, BodyBalance, BodyPump.

Tine Bogsted. Personal Trainer at West Wood Club, Dublin
Tine Bogsted, Personal Trainer and Les Mills Superstar


After falling in love with fitness 15 years ago, heavily inspired by West Wood legend Rachel Bolton, Tine Bogsted decided to take the leap and become an Instructor and Personal Trainer. Tine’s love of body balance inspired her to further pursue Yoga. She travelled 7,000 km to Dharamasala, India to complete a 200-hour Yoga teacher training course. She added yin yoga and pilates matwork to the skills later on. Seven years ago Tine attended the first ‘Les Mills presenter bootcamp’ in the UK and was selected to form part of the Presenter Trainer team. Tine now has the privilege of training other instructors to teach Les Mills classes. Tine’s view of getting in shape is simple “variety and fun are the key to success. Exercise is not punishment it is therapy, I push myself harder when I train with others so naturally my tag is ‘Movement is Medicine – Together is Better’”.

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