Train like a boxer. Feel like a boxer.

Our BoxFit Studios are purpose built ‘themed’ boxing training studios. What’s more, each BoxFit studio is a full boxing gym ‘packed’ with the latest boxing equipment. Including..

  • Professional punch bags
  • Speed balls
  • Full size boxing ring
  • Skipping ropes
  • Kettle bells

Develop a ‘boxers body’ at our BoxFit™ Studios

A strong, toned, powerful body are all the hallmarks of a boxer in great shape. And right now, you can fight flab and build a boxers body at our exclusive BoxFit Studios.

Think about it, when you train like a boxer you burn tonnes of calories, lose pounds of fat, and develop lean toned muscles. Plus, you also get super fit. And if you’ve never trained like a boxer? No worries. Our trainer will design a customised programme just for you to suit your current fitness level.

The results you can get in our BoxFit™ Studios

  • Rock hard six-pack abs
  • Narrow toned waistline
  • Firm hips and thighs.
  • Strong slim body
  • Muscular shoulders and arms
  • Speed and power
  • And a fit body

BoxFit™ Classes

The most popular component of our BoxFit studios is our BoxFit group-training classes. Jab, Cross and Hook your way to a slimmer, fitter, stronger and healthier body with this boxing-inspired fitness and bod-shaping class.  Classes are led by our trained boxing coaches in our purpose built BoxFit training studios.

BOXFIT classes are ideal for anybody who has never boxed, but who want a boxers’ body.

West Wood Club was the first and only fitness club in Ireland to introduce BoxFit studios to Ireland.  Today we have BoxFit studios at Clontarf Road and Leopardstown in Dublin 18.

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