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All fitness plans are 100% FREE with membership

Fitness plans designed just for you. And all FREE with membership.

Our goal is to make sure you get the right fitness plan for the results you want. When you have the right fitness plan, achieving the results you want is so much easier. You enjoy exercise more. You look forward to working out. And you get results much quicker and easier than ever before.

FREE fitness, fat loss, and body-shaping programmes

What results do YOU want? Do you want to lose weight? Do you need to tone up? Are you looking to build muscle? Do you want to be stronger. Do you need to lower your blood pressure or reduce back pain? Or maybe you just want to be a little healthier. What ever results you want, we have the fitness plan just for you.

We’ve got weight loss plans, body-sculpting plans, fitness plans, muscle building plans, strength and conditioning plans, injury rehabilitation plans…and lots more. We can also mix and match different fitness plans to suit your goals and fitness level.

We also have a ‘proven system’ for ensuring you achieve your fitness goals as easily and as quickly as possible

Fitness plans at our Dublin Gyms

Getting results just couldn’t be easier

Getting in shape, and staying in shape, just couldn’t be easier at West Wood Clubs. Here’s your four simple steps to get the fitness results you want…

  • Book a FREE session with one of our personal trainers

  • Choose your fitness plan

  • Get started with a FREE 6-Day Personal Training Plan

  • Maintain your results with FREE fitness plans and regular progress checks

If you are already a member and have not taken advance of YOUR Free 6-Day Personal Training plan, simply book in at reception. And leave the rest to us.