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About our childcare curriculum

The Childcare Curriculum and practise at West Wood Club early education centres is underpinned fully by Aistear and Siolta curriculum.

What is Aistear curriculum?

Aistear is the national curriculum framework.

Aistear identifies 4 themes to develop in order to have confident and competent learners which are – Exploring and Thinking, Wellbeing, Communicating, Identity and Belonging

Aistear then breaks these themes down into set objectives and learning goals to ensure holistic development.

We then plan meaningful play experiences to facilitate our children’s learning, growth and development.

What is Siolta curriculum?

Siolta is the national quality framework for Early Childhood Education. This document identifies 12 principles which include ‘the value of early childhood’, ‘pedagogy’, ‘teamwork’, ‘play’, ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’.

Why we have chosen this approach?

  • We believe its best practise

  • Research based

  • Open to children’s individual needs and is in design flexible and attentive to be easily tailored to the group, incorporating the children’s interests and needs.

What else underpins our practise?

There are a combination of elements that influence our practise including cultural influences and life experiences along with different theorist and methodologies including, Piaget, Vygotsky, High Scope, Montessori to name a few.