Les Mills BodyPump Class in Dublin

Les Mills BodyPump

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What is LesMills BodyPump?

BodyPump is the world’s fastest way to get strong and toned. BodyPump shapes, tones, and strengthens your body. BodyPump firms all your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl.

Shape, sculpt, and tone your body with LesMills BodyPump

Les Mills BodyPump is a group fitness class that uses barbell exercises to shape, sculpt and tone your entire body. The workout consists of high-repetition, low-weight exercises performed to upbeat music. Each BodyPump class lasts around 55-60 minutes. Each BodyPump class has a warm-up, several strength-training tracks, and a cool-down at the end.

The focus of Les Mills BodyPump is on using proper technique and engaging multiple muscle groups at once, providing you with a full-body workout.

BodyPump includes body shaping, sculpting, and strengthing exercises for your chest, back, legs, triceps, biceps, shoulders - and your abs. The class is suitable for people of all fitness levels and can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

One of the unique features of BodyPump is the use of light weights and high repetitions. This approach is designed to increase your muscular endurance - and burn fat - while shaping and toning your body. BodyPump classes are led by certified West Wood Club trainers who provide guidance on proper technique.

The upbeat music and group dynamic creates a fun and motivating workout experience.

What are the benefits of Les Mills Body Pump?

  1. Full-body workout: BodyPump provides a complete workout that targets various muscle groups, including chest, back, legs, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and abs.

  2. Improved strength and endurance: By using light weights and high repetitions, Les Mills BodyPump increases muscular endurance and shapes and tones muscles.

  3. Weight loss: The high-repetition, low-weight approach used in Les Mills BodyPump can help to burn fat and promote weight loss.

  4. Increased flexibility and range of motion: The dynamic movements used in BodyPump improves flexibility and range of motion.

  5. Stress relief: Exercise has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health, and the fun, upbeat atmosphere of BodyPump classes can help to reduce stress.

  6. Suitable for all fitness levels: Les Mills BodyPump can be adjusted to suit individual needs and is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

  7. Group dynamic: The group fitness setting of BodyPump provides a fun and motivating workout experience, and the sense of community can help to keep participants motivated and engaged.

Who is Les Mills Body Pump suitable for?

Les Mills BodyPump is suitable for people of all fitness levels, including both beginners and more advanced fitness enthusiasts. The program can be adjusted to suit individual needs, with the use of lighter weights for those new to exercise and heavier weights for those looking to increase strength. BodyPump is a low-impact workout, making it suitable for people with joint pain or those looking for a gentler form of exercise.

Additionally, BodyPump is a fun and inclusive group fitness experience, making it suitable for people looking to get fit while enjoying a social and supportive workout environment.

A brief history of Les Mills BodyPump

Les Mills BodyPump was created by Phillip Mills, the son of Les Mills, in 1991 in New Zealand. The program was designed to provide a fun and effective full-body workout that could be performed in a group fitness setting. Over the years, BodyPump has evolved and expanded to become one of the most popular group fitness programs in the world, with classes offered in more than 25,000 gyms and fitness clubs in 80 countries around the world.

How many calories will you burn in a Les Mills BodyPump class?

The number of calories burned during a Les Mills BodyPump class can vary depending on several factors, including a person's weight, height, age, and fitness level, as well as the intensity of the class. However, on average, a BodyPump class can burn between 500 and 600 calories. This makes it a high-intensity workout that can be an effective way to improve fitness and promote weight loss.

It's important to keep in mind that calorie burn can also be influenced by factors such as diet and overall physical activity level, so it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to see the best results. Additionally, it's important to consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

The amazing you results get with BodyPump…

  • A stronger body

  • Firm hips and tummy

  • Slim shapely thighs

  • Toned arms and shoulders

  • Increased metabolism

  • Increased muscular endurance