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2nd Jun 2023
June Bank Holiday Fitness Classes at West Wood Club
Check out your Bank Holiday Class Times
5th Apr 2023
SIX Months to Change Your LIFE
Ryan started a 6 Day Personal Training Plan in our Westmanstown club with superstar personal trainer, Sam, just six months ago and has achieved phenomenal results.
Leopardstown Changing Rooms Redesign 2023
5th Apr 2023
Your NEW Gents Locker Rooms at West Wood Club Leopardstown.
We will be opening the new downstairs GENTS changing rooms in the new couple of weeks. Here is a virtual tour of the new downstairs changing facilities.
Two Million Euro Clontarf Spa Render
14th Mar 2023
NEW €2.9 Million Clontarf Spa opening in next 90 days
We are thrilled to announce that our new €2.9 Million spa at west Wood Club, Clontarf will be opening in the next 90 days. Two hydrotherapy pools, sauna, steam room, ice room and so much more.
8th Mar 2023
International Women’s Day - Strategies to Empower You at the Gym
On International Women’s Day we look at what we can do to re-empower women to take those first steps to a healthier lifestyle while feeling safe and supported.
Christmas Opening Hours at West Wood Club
24th Dec 2022
Christmas 2022 & New Year Opening Hours
Christmas opening Hours at West Wood Club
8th Aug 2022
Fight Back Against The Lumpy Appearance Of Cellulite 
Cellulite is an extremely common skin condition. If you’re one of many who have puckered areas on your hips, thighs, buttocks or even arms… You’re not alone. Up to 90% of women (and 10% of men) are...
5th Aug 2022
Sleep. How To Train Our Patterns
Good quality sleep is the foundation upon which exercise and a good diet are built to create optimal health. That can be quite a statement, but there’s so much research on the subject now that it’s...
Gentle Therapy
2nd Aug 2022
What Is Gentle Release Therapy?
The human body certainly is an incredible but complex machine. Like all complexity, there is so much that can go wrong with it. Because the world we are living in brings so many challenges to our h...
LesMills classes
13th Jul 2022
What Are Lesmills Classes?
Mention LesMills classes to the initiated and you’ll frequently be met with a response so passionate it borders on evangelical. People know release numbers, request favourite tracks, and declare...
New Les Mills Classes
16th Jun 2022
New Les Mills Classes
The new releases are here! New moves, new music, new workouts. We are launching 9 brand new Les Mills classes from the 20th of June across all 6 West Wood Clubs. Get ready for a full week of fun a...
Warm up
30th May 2022
Why Warm-Up Before Exercise?
Why warm-up before exercise? Being one of the most neglected aspects of our fitness regime, the warm-up before exercise is essential to warm and release our muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. W...
25th May 2022
How To Beat Hump Day
During the week, we all have the greatest intentions to get to the gym in the early hours and start the day right. On goes the gear, double knot the runners, charge the air pods, and maybe even mix...
23rd May 2022
Training And Periods: Are You Tuned In To Your Cycle?
How to periodize your training based on your period. Do you struggle through your training at different times of the month? If so, cut yourself some slack and tune in to each phase. Periodising yo...
18th May 2022
Boxfit Classes Are Back
BOXFIT classes are back at West Wood Clubs in Leopardstown, Dun Laoghaire and Clontarf. BOXFIT is fun, exciting, challenging, and highly effective. During this class, you will destroy calories,...
West Wood Club campaign for Ukraine
16th Mar 2022
Ukraine Emergency Appeal
Support the West Wood Club Ukraine appeal by donating badly need items for the Refugee Centre at Bielawa in Poland Help reduce the suffering Support the West Wood Club Ukraine Appeal As the c...