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Training plans to boost sports performance

Is your goal to improve sports performance? Do you want to be more agile on the pitch? Quicker off the mark? Stronger in the scrum? Improve your drive on the golf corse?

West Wood Club has the equipment, the programs, the trainers, and the knowledge to help you excel in your chosen sport.

Golf, football, rugby, karate, skiing, tennis – We can help.

Whatever your sport, we have the equipment and expertise for you to be stronger, faster, fitter, and to perform better whenever you compete. Run longer. Drive further. Sprint faster. Punch harder. Play better.

Improve Sports Performance with these 5 bits of equipment

1. The prowler

The prowler is a sled that you can put weights on to make it heavier and is perfect for developing lower body power against serious resistance, such as in a rugby scrum. You load up the desired weight, put your hands on the handles, and then push! It really is a simple piece of equipment to use and can be used by anyone!

2. The rock-climbing wall

There are several rock-climbing walls at West Wood clubs, varying from full static walls to state-of-the-art, interactive climbing walls where you can play games and even challenge your mates! The most obvious sport the climbing walls are good for is, wait for it, rock climbing! Climbing will also help performance in pretty much every sport you might do as it challenges your core strength, balance and flexibility.

3. The track

This is probably the most versatile piece of equipment in the gym. You can sprint, jog, do side-movement drills and do several agility drills on this. Depending on the way you use the track, it can make you more explosive, faster, and more agile. Why not ask one of our trainers for some training ideas for your sport using the track?

4. Cable weights machines

Cable machines are fully adjustable resistance machines that have an incredibly wide range of uses. One particular thing they are great for is becoming stronger at multidirectional movements, such as a golf swing or in a variety of martial arts, such as Taekwondo.

5. The ladder rope

You may not have seen the ladder rope out on the gym floor, as some gyms keep theirs behind the gym desk (if you need one, please ask and the staff will get you ove), but this piece of kit is basically a thin set of plastic and ropes that unfold to look like a ladder. The idea is you put this on the floor, and then you can all sorts of agility runs using the ladder as a guide. This can improve your agility, quickness, balance, and even speed and is a perfect training tool to complement sports such as GAA and soccer.

With so many uses for all of this equipment, plus a whole range of other specialised equipment for improving sports performance, why not book in a free session with one of our trainers, who can write you a program and show you what you need to do for your sport of choice. From there, it’s a one-way road to performance gains!