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What is functional training?

Functional training is a specialised form of fitness training that prepares your body to more efficiently do daily physical tasks.

Functional training works by ‘copying’ the common movements you might do at home, at work, or during sport. Pushing. Pulling. Lifting. Throwing. Running. Sprinting.

Benefits of ‘functional’ fitness training

Using various muscles in your upper and lower body, functional fitness training dramatically improves your ‘core’ stability.

Functional Fitness Training is also scientifically proven to improve your muscles ability to work together. This increase in your muscle ‘co-ordination’ dramatically improves your ability to perform daily tasks at any age. You walk faster, climb higher, lift heavier, jump further ..and enjoy life MORE.

What is the ‘functional’ fitness ZONE?

The functional fitness training zones at West Wood Clubs are dedicated gym ‘zones’ packed with the latest functional training equipment.

But what can YOU do at West Wood Club Function Training Zones?

  • Build strength with proven strong man exercises.

  • Develop explosive power using professional power-bags.

  • Tone your hips, thighs, and shoulders as you push the ‘super-prowler’ on the power-track.

  • Jump, step, and leap your way to super-fitness on professional ‘plyo boxes’.

Or you can use your own body-weight to lift, pull, and push your fitness further than ever before on the revolutionary strength training ‘RIG’.

Functional Fitness Zones for every age and fitness level

Whether you’re a complete beginner or serious athlete, our functional training zones have just what you need to get the strength, power, and fitness you need to succeed. Call us today.