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Sabrina Lima

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Are you looking for personal trainers in Dublin city? Sabrina Lima is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and swimming coach based in West Wood Club Aston Quay. Sabrina is originally from Brazil, where she obtained her degree in Physical Education. Sabrina has worked in the fitness and personal training industry for over 21 years. She has been proving personal training in Dublin City for 10 years. Sabrina loves helping clients by getting to know them personality and and learning about their lifestyle so she can give them a fitness plan that’s fits in with their daily routine. Sabrina also teaches Hatha Yoga in the gym, and often runs Yoga workshops to educate members and clients on the benefits of yoga, and how to improve their practice.

Leticia Pimenta

Leticia Pimenta

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Leticia Pimenta is a personal trainer in Dublin city centre and group fitness class instructor at our Aston Quay gym. Leticia is originally from Brazil, where she worked as an accountant, before coming to Ireland and gaining her fitness and personal training qualifications. Leticia teaches five Les Mills programmes, is a dance teacher, and teaches popular functional training classes. With her personal training clients, Leticia specialises in helping people build muscle, reduce fat, and shape their bodies. She focuses on weight training and HIIT sessions to get people feeling strong and toned.

Personal Trainer Aston Quay Dublin City Centre Ireland

Fernanda Cassidy

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Fernanda Cassidy is one of the most popular personal trainers in Dublin city. She is also a top group fitness class instructor in our Aston Quay gym. Fernanda is originally from Brazil, where she gained her degree in Physical Education. Fernanda is qualified in 7 Les Mills fitness programmes, and is also an accomplished Dance teacher. Fernanda loves to see new people in the gym, and is passionate about helping her personal training clients start their journey to becoming fitter, healthier and happier. She loves coaching new people to move better, and offers great nutritional advice along with her tailored exercise programmes.

Personal Trainer Aston Quay Dublin 2 Ireland

Katey Harvey

Gym Manager at Aston Quay

Katey Harvey has been the gym and group fitness manager in West Wood Club Aston Quay for over 3 years. Katey started as a personal trainer and class instructor in our Clontarf gym 6 years ago. Katey is qualified in 10 Les Mills group fitness programmes, is a Les Mills Instructor Coach, and holds a Pilates certificate. Outside the gym Katey is a wrestling coach. After recovering from a major sporting injury, Katey specialises in using Pilates and her own rehab experience to help people recover from injuries and surgeries, and manage general aches and pains.

Personal Trainer Dublin 1 Ireland

Nathan Cox

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Looking for personal training in Dublin City? Nathan is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, at our gym in Aston Quay. Nathan has been a personal trainer in Dublin city for many years. Nathan is also fully qualified in six Les Mills group fitness programmes and is a Les Mills Instructor coach. He also teaches hip hop/contemporary style Dance Classes. Nathan loves to work with personal training clients who need to burn fat and build muscle. As a personal trainer, he loves helping new members get started in the gym so they can start to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Nathan is also a talented artist and you can see his work on the windows of Aston Quay at Halloween and Christmas!

Rogério Assis - Personal Trainer

Rogério Assis

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Rogério Assis or Roger, if you like, is the newest Personal Trainer and group fitness class instructor at our Dublin city centre gym. He is from Brazil and he graduated in Physical Education. Roger has built more than 10 years of experience as a Personal Trainer. Roger has been changing people’s lives helping them to build muscles, weight loss or whatever results they are looking for. He loves motivating his clients and giving them all the support they need. Rogerio is now focused on getting his first LesMills qualification.
Book your free consultation and let Roger help you like he has so many others.

Joao Luiz - Personal Trainer

Joao Luiz

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Meet our Personal Trainer, João Luiz, based in our Aston Quay Gym. João Luiz is originally from Brazil, where he received his degree in physical education. João is qualified as a Personal Trainer, Sports training, strength exercises for performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.
His main goal is to help people transform their lives through exercise, and have the best results with total safety and quality. João is currently preparing to get his first LesMills qualification.
Would you like to meet Joao? Contact us and book your free consultation.

Maissa Zanetti - Personal Trainer

Maissa Zanetti

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Maissa Zanetti Dvoinisiuk is from Brazil and has more than 10 years of experience in Group Fitness Classes. She holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in orthopedics, Sports, and Functional training. She is also a Postgraduate in Biomechanics of movements and Pilates. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Maissa worked as a Personal Trainer on an international cruise ship for 2 years – Costa and Celebrity cruises and she also coaches Pilates instructors in suspension, with more than 50 courses taught around the world. Maissa is now focused on getting her first LesMills qualifications.

Sabrina Xavier - Personal Trainer

Sabrina Xavier

Personal Trainer at Aston Quay

Sabrina is a Personal Trainer and professional dancer from Brazil. She has qualifications in physical education, and technical dance and specialised in Low-Pressure Fitness.
She’s passionate about a great variety of physical activities. She has been instructing fitness classes in Brazil for years but now you can find her in Dublin City Centre at our Aston Quay Gym.
She loves to help people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and she believes that when it comes to fitness, Movement is medicine.

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Meet our trainers at our other gyms in Dublin. Each trainer is highly qualified with years of experience getting people into great shape. Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness improvement, body sculpting, each trainer will work with you to make sure you get the absolute best results.

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