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Weight loss plans for every BODY.

Want to lose weight – and keep it off.

Over the last 32 years, West Wood Club has perfected a proven system for maximising weight loss results.

Whether it’s 5 pounds or 5 stone…3 kilos or 30 kilos…our weight loss plans are highly effective. But more importantly, they are completely personalised so suit your goals and your current fitness level.

Your customised weight management plan will include…

  • Scientifically proven fat-burning plans

  • Weight management counselling

  • Free personal training

  • Free group fitness classes

  • Regular motivation and monitoring

All our weight loss plans also include the most up-to-date and proven training components…

  • Cardiovascular training to burn calories and lose weight

  • HIIT workouts to accelerate the fat reduction process

  • Resistance training to tone muscle and boost your metabolism

  • Nutritional advice to maximise and speed up your weight loss

All the help and advice you need to lose the weight you want

Whatever you weight loss goals, our team of dedicated weight-management specialists will help you succeed. From your first visit, you get the friendly support and professional help you need to succeed.

You get the right nutritional advice. You get exercise routines personalised to your weight-loss goals. And you get the encouragement and motivation you need to start loosing weight immediately.

Newer, faster, and easier weight loss options

To lose weight and keep it off, we need to exercise. But to keep exercising, we need to stay motivated, and not get bored. So the more choice we have the better. That’s why at West Wood Club you can choose from a huge range of fat-burning exercise options.

  • Slim down at any of our 4,500 fat-burning fitness classes.

  • Burn fat 30% faster at our RPM/SPINNING studios.

  • Lose weight while you watch TV with Cardio Theatre.

  • Rplace lost flab with muscle in our body-shaping gyms.

Fat-burning zones in every West Wood Club gym

All our gyms have dedicated fat-burning zones packed with all the calorie burning fitness equipment you’ll ever need.

Walk, run, row, climb, or step your way to a slimmer body on row after row of treadmills, rowers, steppers, ellipticals, cross-trainers, and much more. And most importantly, you can get all the professional advice and support you need from our certified personal trainers.

And ladies, you can even choose to lose the weight you want in our main gyms, or in our dedicated ladies-only gyms.

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