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Our Childcare Approach

At West Wood Club Childcare we take the following approach to ensuring all children and families have an enjoyable and memorable experience during their time with us.

We do this through…

  • Hands on learning through meaningful play experiences

  • Caring and nurturing environment and ethos

  • Inclusive of all children and families

  • Promotion of movement- use of Fitzone, outings and excursions, swimming, outdoor play etc.

  • Partnership with parents

  • An open door environment

  • Providing detailed and meaningful handovers

  • Detailed observations and using this information for our planning

  • Qualified and dedicated staff

Our Childcare Vision

At West Wood Club Childcare, we strive to foster the growth and development of confident and competent happy healthy children with a love of lifelong learning

Our Childcare Practise

At West Wood Childcare we strive to provide hands on meaningful play experiences. We do so through the following ways:

  • Using Aistear and Síolta based practise

  • Being child lead and play based

  • Taking an eclectic approach- bits from different theories and methodologies

  • Following children’s interests and exploring concepts and topics as they are meaningful to the children in their lives

  • Promoting, nurturing and developing a love for lifelong learning- their curiosity and promoting creative thinking

  • Use of physical activity

  • Utilising that we are part of the health club- promoting an active lifestyle from birth, which in turn is the children’s norm not a lifestyle change later in life

  • Daily use of Fitzone- a 4 levelled indoor activity centre that has ball pools, rope bridges, slides etc. This is great for gross motor development, physical activity and their social skills, exploring and thinking, creativity and imagination

  • Group swimming sessions for each class group every week Request a brochure