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Orla Kelly - Personal Trainer

Orla Kelly

Fitness Instructor at Westmanstown

Orla Kelly has been a personal trainer in our West Wood Club gym Westmanstown since February 2020. As a personal trainer, Orla specializes in weight loss, injury rehabilitation, and sport-specific training. Having completed her personal training studies at UCD, Orla is a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and Pilates instructor. Currently, Orla teaches Les Mills Cxworx, Sprint, The Trip, and Body pump. Orla plays Gaelic football with her team here in Westmanstown. She is also a qualified referee and coaches GAA games to children within the club.

Elena Lostun - Personal Trainer

Elena Lostun

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Elena is a Qualified Personal Trainer at the West Wood Club Westmanstown. She holds an ITEC L2 qualification in Personal training, Nutrition and Gym Instructing. She is also an ITEC Spin Instructor, and ITEC Kettlebell Instructor and is qualified to teach LES MILLS The Trip. Elena is a mom of 3 and she believes that if you challenge yourself every time, it will take you further. Her best Nutrition Tip is: Do small changes and those will be more sustainable. You can book an appointment with Elena at the reception in Westmanstown.

James Noone - Personal Trainer

James Noone

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

James Noone has been providing personal training in West Dublin at our gym in Westmanstown since January 2020. James is a personal trainer specializing in weight loss and muscle development. As well as being a highly qualified personal trainer, James is also a Les Mills group fitness trainer. He teaches Les Mills Trip and Sprint and is qualified to teach Spin, TRX, H.I.I.T, Boxercise, and strength and conditioning classes. James is currently studying nutrition and advanced strength and conditioning.

Kathy O’meara - Personal Trainer

Kathy O’Meara

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Kathy O’Meara has been a personal trainer at our gym in Westmanstown since 2018. Kathy is originally from Liverpool and has lived in Ireland for 30 years, working in advertising and as an actress. Kathy’s personal training expertise is Cancer and Cardiac exercise rehabilitation. She also holds personal training qualifications in pre and post-pregnancy exercise protocols. Kathy is also a sports & massage therapist and counselor. Kathy teaches CX Worx, BodyPump, BodyBalance, Trip, Sprint, RPM, and Body Attack. Kathy spends her free time sea swimming, cuddling dogs, and planning her next challenge.

Iveta Adamova - Personal Trainer

Iveta Adamova

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Iveta Adamova has been a personal trainer in west Dublin at Westmanstown Dublin 15 since 2018. Iveta is from the Czech Republic and has lived in Ireland for 14 years. Iveta specializes in Fitness and Running. Iveta is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Iveta teaches The Trip group cycling class. In the Czech Republic, she achieved the 800-meter champion in 1999.

Oisin Scully - Personal Trainer

Oisin Scully

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Oisin Scully has been a personal trainer at Westmanstown, Dublin 15 since June 2021. Oisin is specialized in Nutrition and Personal training for Weight Loss and Muscle Growth. Oisin is a LesMills qualified instructor for The Trip (with more qualifications on the way.) He is also qualified in teaching Kettlebells, Spinning, and Gravity.

Chris Kelleher - Personal Trainer

Chris Kelleher

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Chris Kelleher, one of the Kelleher brothers and BODYCOMBAT’s favorite instructor, joined our team of personal trainers in west Dublin in September 2020. Chris has been a personal trainer for over 5 years. Chris is from High Wycombe England and has been living in Ireland for 21 years. Chris specializes in weight loss, bodybuilding, and mobility through ZUU Fitness. In addition to being a qualified personal trainer, Chris is qualified to teach group fitness classes, including BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, Grit, BODYBALANCE, and The Trip. Chris competes in men’s Physique competitions.

Sam Lambah - Personal Trainer

Sam Lambah

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Sam joined the Westmanstwon Gym personal training team in 2020. Sam has been working as a personal trainer for five years. Sam is from India and has been living in Ireland for 21 years. Sam specializes in weight management and advanced sports performance training for amateur and professional athletes. He also teaches group fitness classes at Westmanstown, including Les Mills Grit, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, and The Trip.

Andrew Kelleher - Personal Trainer

Andrew Kelleher

Gym Manager at Westmanstown

Andrew Kelleher (The other Kelleher brother) joined the Westmanstwon team in 2020 as a personal trainer. Andrew is from London and has been living in Ireland for 21 years. Andrew specializes in weight management and advanced sports performance training for amateur and professional athletes. Andrew also teaches group fitness classes at Westmanstown, including Les Mills Grit, Body Attack, Body Combat, and The Trip. Andrew loves athletics and had competed in 100m, 200m, and 400m sprints at the national level.

Kirsty Loftus - Personal Trainer

Kirsty Loftus

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Kirsty is a qualified Personal Trainer at the West Wood Club in Westmanstown. She joined the team in 2022 and fitness has always been a part of my lifestyle since a younger age. Kirsty loves running & tracks outdoors. She loves nature. Her main motivation is to empower other women by helping them to change their lifestyles around to more positive, better, fitter, happy and healthier days. She has travelled to a lot of places around the world and lived in Australia-Sydney. Nachos and brownies are her favourite food. Kirsty teaches cardio, spinning, and high-intensity classes. She also loves to balance with Pilates and yoga classes. She believes that when you focus on the good, the good gets better.

Luca Gratzer - Personal Trainer

Luca Gratzer

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Luca joined the Westmanstwon Luca is a qualified Personal Trainer and he specialises in muscle development, weight loss and sports specific training. He has completed his studies at UCD and he is also a qualified fitness instructor and Pilates instructor. Luca has played football for the likes of Aston Villa, Norwich and West Brom in his youth as well as playing professional football with Shamrock Rovers and Drogheda United. His favourite exercise is the snatch or the clean and jerk, and his favourite food would have to be spaghetti, Bolognese.

Fionn Scully - Personal Trainer

Fionn Scully

Personal Trainer at Westmanstown

Fionn Scully has recently qualified in Personal Training, Gym Instruction and Nutrition. He joined the West Wood Club in Westmanstown in 2022. Fionn specialises in muscle growth, weight loss, and nutrition and is also sport-specific as he plays GAA and Soccer. Fionn also holds a qualification in kettlebells and spinning classes. His favourite exercise is the Preacher Curl/Hammer Curls and his favourite Food is a Healthy Salmon & Rice with Broccoli.

Michael Bollard - Personal Trainer

Michael Bollard

General Manager at Westmanstown

Michael Bollard started at the West Wood Club in April 2013 as a General manager in Aston Quay. Michael holds vast experience in the fitness industry counting over 22 years of experience in his field. In 2017, Michael took over the management of the West Wood Club in Westmanstown. As a Personal Trainer, Michael is a qualified LesMills instructor teaching The Trip.

Maja Ban - Personal Trainer

Maja Ban

Operations Manager at Westmanstown

Maja is originally from Croatia. She joined the West Wood Club team in Westmanstown in 2019. Maja holds a Master’s degree in Sports Science and is finishing her PhD in Sports Science in 2022. Maja is qualified in TRX, Spinning and LesMills instructor in Sprint, The Trip and Body Pump. Maja loves volleyball, and scuba diving and is addicted to summer, sun, and sea. Coming from a sports family, Maja is a former volleyball player.

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