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How do I book in to get a gym program?

You can book at main reception or gym desk on main gym floor in person or by phone.

What are the 6 personal training sessions included with my membership & how does it work?

When you join as a member we will give you 6 FREE personal training sessions with a personal trainer. Your trainer will take you through a consultation on your first visit and go through your goals and expectations. Your trainer will write up a customised gym program for you which you will follow on your visits to the gym. You will be shown how to use the equipment and how to perform the exercises given to you. Your 6 sessions with a trainer will include; consultation and fitness assessment, gym session, checkin, progress check, new training plan and followup. Simply book your sessions at the main reception desk or gym desk for the day and time that suits you.

Do you offer additional personal training sessions?

Yes, we offer paid for personal training sessions if you wish to continue with a one on one trainer.

How do I book in to fitness classes?

All classes are free. Some classes have limited numbers and require booking in advance. These classes are marked on the timetable with an * in front. These classes can be booked in advance on the day of the class. For Aqua fit classes you can book in person when you arrive at the club. For all other classes just simply turn up 5/10 minutues beforehand and no booking is required. (to book classes at our Sandymount club present you swipe key at reception).

What is the difference between a virtual fitness class and a live fitness class?

A virtual class is a class that is shown on a big screen which is scheduled and delivered by a pre-recorded ‘master’ instructor. You will follow all their moves and exercises from the big screen. You may be part of a group of people attending or you may be doing the class alone. A live class has a ‘real’ live instructor giving the class! Virtual classes are a great way to still enjoy a class if the live timetable scheduling does not suit you. Virtual classes are run throughout the day, run more frequently and are available to view on the virtual timetable. There is also a live class timetable available for our live classes.

I have never participated in a fitness class before, will I be able for it?

Absolutely! We cater for everyone’s fitness ability and needs. We want you to join our classes to get fit, strong and healthy and most importantly to enjoy yourself in a fun environment with others. You work to your own ability in the class. As most of the classes pre-choreographed, the instructor will give options and choices for all levels. We also do what is called a “smart start” for some classes. You start the class, do a couple of the tracks and if you feel you have done enough then you can leave and next time come back and do a little more. It is all a work in progress.

Can I use all 6 West Wood Clubs with my membership?

Once you join one West Wood Cub you can use all 6 clubs on your global membership. To use Sandymount you must be over 18 yrs and to use Dun Laoghaire and Aston Quay you must be over 16 yrs.

Can a member bring in a guest?

The cost to bring a guest is €50 per visit. All guests must be accompanied by a member. T&C apply.

What time are off peak hours from?

The off peak hours vary between some of the Clubs. Leopardstown, Sandymount and Clontarf Rd. are Mon-Fri 6am-4pm & Sat-Sun 4pm-9pm. Westmanstown, Aston Quay and Dun Laoghaire have full access on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I change from off peak to full membership?

No problem at all. Just simply ask at reception and they will sort it out for you. It is only a matter of filling out an upgrade form.

What age do you have to be to use the teen gym?

There is a teen gym avilable in Clontarf Rd., Leopardstown and Westmanstown. 10-12 yr olds must have a parent with them and 13-15 yr olds can train without a parent. To use the main gym floor teens must be 16 yrs old.

Is there somewhere safe to put my bags and valuables while I use the club?

Yes we have individual lockers in all the changing rooms. You can purchase a lock at reception or bring your own.