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HIIT. The Ultimate Fat Burner

Short on time but still want a stronger, slimmer body? Our HIIT workout zones are just for you.

What are HIIT workouts?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

With HIIT workouts you’re going to exercise to a maximum intensity while keeping your rest periods short. This training formula is your key to transforming your body into a powerful fat-burning machine.

Today, HIIT sessions is used by professional athletes in every sport, and is recommended by the top sports scientists all over the world.

High Intensity ‘Interval’ Workouts for MAXIMUM Weight Loss

With HIIT workouts, your training ‘Intervals’ are simply short periods of time. When you do HIIT workouts you combine these short periods of hard work with short periods of easier work. This unique cycle of training and rest is repeated several times in your HIIT workout.

Scientists who studied high-intensity-interval training have studied different interval lengths and have discovered success with different interval types. In the most recent studies, exercise scientists used work periods of two minutes, followed by rest periods of three minutes. The cycle was repeated five times. The research shows this produced the best fat-burning results.

At out HIIT training zones you can easily adjust your intervals if you wish. But the basic premise is the shorter the interval time the more intense it should be. But keep in mind the intensity is the secret to your fat-loss success, and not duration. Longer intervals are not always better because you simply can’t work as hard for 10 minutes as you can for 30 seconds.

MAXIMISE your fat loss results

At our HIIT zones, 4 minutes is just enough to start burning fat from your hips thighs and tummy. But that’s not all. Because your muscles are worked harder in HIIT workouts, you also burn calories long after you have finished your session. This is why HIIT is also the number one training system used by many celebrities today to quickly get in shape.

HIIT training means better results in less time.

By pushing yourself to your maximum, you also improve your fitness in just a few short minutes with HIIT. You get the same results in half the time by incorporating HIIT sessions into your workout. HIIT session are fun, effective and will keep your workouts interesting!

If you are unsure about how to incorporate HIIT workouts into your training, let us help you! Contact West Wood Clubs today.