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Personal Trainer Dublin 4 Daphne Kearney
Club Manager Daphne Kearney


Personal training in Dublin 4? Daphne Kearney is head of personal training and general manager at West Wood Club Gym in Dublin 4. Daphne started as a personal trainer in 1996, with a degree in Leisure Management and Personal Training.  Daphne is qualified in 6 Les Mills programmes. Daphne has seen the evolving industry over many years.  Daphne loves helping members achieve their fitness goals.  As a personal trainer, she wants every member to enjoy their visit, leaving refreshed, energetic, strong and ready to face the challenges of each day.

Personal Trainer Dublin 4 Raluca Pantiru
Personal Trainer Raluca Pantiru


Raluca Pantiru has been a personal trainer and studio co- coordinator at Sandymount Dublin 4 since 2016.  Raluca specialises in weight loss, kinesiology and Biomechanics. Raluca has a Bachelor’s Degree in sports and exercise science and a Master’s Degree in kinesiology and biomechanics, personal training, and functional training. Raluca is a Les Mills Master Trainer and teaches eight Les Mills group fitness programmes.

Personal Trainer Dublin 4 SAIFA KANJANI
Personal Trainer Saifa Kajani


If you’re looking for Personal Training in Dublin 4, Saifa Kajani has been a personal trainer at Sandymount Dublin 4 since 2016 . Saifa holds the National Qualification in exercise, health Studies and personal training. Saifa holds a BSC in Culinary entrepreneurship and an MSC in business management . Saifa teaches a tone of Les Mills classes at West Wood Club including BodyCombat, CxWorx, BodyPump, BodyBalance , Sprint, and many more.

Personal Trainer Dublin 4 Shane Fetherston
Personal Trainer Shane Fetherston


Shane Fetherston has been a personal trainer and Fitness instructor at Sandymount Dublin 4 since 2016. Shane specialises in powerlifting and holds a National Qualification AOFAQ level 3 Diploma in personal training (RQF) Shane is one of our Les Mills Master Trainers. Shane teaches Body Pump, Sprint, CxWorx, RPM, and The Trip, and gravity Pilates.

Jack Flavin Personal Trainer Dublin
Personal Trainer Jack Flavin


Jack Flavin joined our Dublin 4 gym as a personal trainer and Fitness Instructor in 2020. Jack specialises in Nutrition and older adult exercises. Jack holds a National Qualification in fitness and exercise,  and personal training. Jack teaches all our favourite Les Mills Classes, including Body Pump, Sprint, RPM, The Trip, Body Combat, and CxWorx.

Personal Trainer Sandymount Camila Rogelin
Personal Trainer Camila Prates


Camila Rogelin has been a personal trainer Sandymount Dublin 4 since 2020. Camila is from Brazil and has lived in Ireland for 1 ½ years. Camila works with her clients on endurance training, strength training, and balance. Camila Graduated from university in Sports Education. Camila also teaches many of our most popular group fitness classes, including BodyCombat, CxWorx, BodyPump, BodyBalance, Sprint, and lots, lots more.

Oto Winkler
Personal Trainer Oto Winkler


Oto Winkler has been personal training in Dublin 4 since 2012. . Oto holds a national qualification in fitness instruction, gym Instructor and personal training. As well as being a personal trainer, Oto also teaches CxWorx, Body Pump, Body Balance, Sprint, RPM, and The Trip.


Personal Trainer in Sanymount Dublin 4 Victor Toth
Personal Trainer Victor Roth


Victor Toth has been a personal trainer at Sandymount Dublin 4 since 2017. Victor is from Hungary and has lived in Ireland for over 10 years. Victor specialises in Bodybuilding personal training. Victor holds a Qualification in personal training, muscle hypertrophy, strength training and nutrition. Victor teaches  CxWorx, Body Pump, Sprint, RPM, and The Trip, Gravity Strength / Pilates. Victor Competed and was placed in the IFBB Hungarian National Bodybuilding Championships

Personal Trainer Morgan Denis


 Morgann Denis is a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Sandymount Gym Dublin 4. Morgan is from France and is living in Dublin since September 2020. Morgan has a bachelor Degree in Sciences and Techniques of Sports and Physical Activities. Morgann specialises in strength and conditioning, weight loss and muscle hypertrophy with his personal training clients. Morgann also teaches Body Pump and Sprint, Gravity Strength.

Dublin 4 Personal Trainer Belinda Garcia
Personal Trainer Belinda Garcia


Belinda Garcia has been a personal trainer and Fitness Instructor at West Wood Club Sandymount Dublin 4 since June 2020. Belinda is from Mexico and is living in Dublin for over 4 years. She has a bachelor Degree in Sports and Personal Training from Mexico and also studied Higher Education sports training in Portugal. As a personal trainer, Belinda specialises in Triathlon training and teaching swim courses level 1. Belinda is  a Les Mills master trainer and is teaching Body Pump, Body Balance, Sprint and CxWorx & Gravity Strength / Pilates

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We have personal training plans for clients and members who want private one-to-one personal training. We also have great value group personal trainer plans where you can work with your personal trainer in groups of 3-4 people. And of course we offer our FREE 6-Day Personal Training to all new members when they join West Wood Club.

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Meet our trainers at our other gyms in Dublin. Each trainer is highly qualified with years of experience getting people into great shape. Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness improvement, body sculpting, each trainer will work with you to make sure you get the absolute best results.

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