All the gym equipment you need to look and feel great

Getting in shape is now easier than it’s ever been at our six ‘equipment-packed’ GYMS.

Each gym has been fitted out with the most up-to-date fat-burning, fitness, and body-toning equipment.

Visit any of our six Dublin gyms today and you’ll find everything you need to lose weight, get fit, and tone up.

You’ve got row-after-row of treadmills, bikes, rowers, steppers, cross-trainers, stair climbers, free weights, power racks, resistance equipment…and lots, lots more.

Gyms designed for maximum results

Whatever body-changing results you want you’ll find it easier that ever before at our gyms.

  • Lose weight faster and easier on the latest fat-burning equipment.
  • Get fit and burn fat on revolutionary cardiovascular machines.
  • Tone your hips, tummy, and thighs on our body-shaping equipment.
  • Build strength, power, and muscle on the latest resistance equipment.
  • Increase flexibility and suppleness on the latest flexibility training equipment.

But that’s not all.

Separate Gym ‘Zones’ for the results you want

Each of our gyms is divided up into 15 separate training zones. All training zones are designed to help you enjoy the best fat-burning, fitness, and body-shaping results.

  • Lose body-fat in the fat burning zone.
  • Tone up in the body-sculpting zone.
  • Get fit in the cardio zone.
  • Build muscle in the body-building zone.
  • Get strong in the strength zone.
  • Get flexible in the stretch zones

And there’s more. You’ve also got separate ladies only gym, teen gyms, functional training gyms, HIIT gyms, boxfit gyms. And even a dedicated pilates gym.

Over ‘60 TONNE’ of weight training equipment

We believe you should NEVER have to queue for gym equipment. That’s why we pack so much gym equipment into our gyms.

Here’s a sample of what you get at West Wood Club gyms…

  • 32 tonne of FREE Weights
  • 25 tonne of machine weights
  • 128 weight training benches
  • 70 olympic Lifting Bars
  • 24 lifting platforms
  • 350 body-shaping machines
  • 550 fat-burning cardio machines
  • And lot’s lots more.

Professional and friendly gym staff

All our six gyms are staffed with a team of highly-qualified staff.  Our teams include personal trainers, group fitness instructors, strength and conditioning coaches, and sports scientists. 

And they are all dedicated to helping YOU achieve the absolute best possible fitness results. 

Simply chose the results you want and our staff will get you there. Getting back in shape just couldn’t be easier.

FREE 6-Day Personal Training Plan

Maximise your gym results with our FREE 6-Day Personal Training Plan. Including one-to-one personal training, customised gym programmes, ongoing instruction, and most importantly as much motivation as you need to get the results you .