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Last updated: 16/05/2024

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Support the West Wood Club Ukraine appeal by donating badly need items for the Refugee Centre at Bielawa in Poland

Help reduce the suffering

Support the West Wood Club Ukraine Appeal

As the conflicts in Ukraine continue to surge, countless lives are being torn apart by violence and insecurity.

The West Wood Club in association with the Refugee Centre at Bielawa in Poland is now a drop-off point for household appliances and Medical Supplies.

We need your help to assist over 100 families who have been displaced by the conflict and those who are on the grounds of Ukraine fighting for their lives.

We are urging our members, business partners and suppliers to bring their donations to any West Wood Club until the 25th of March. Your donations will help those displaced by the conflict to get shelter and restart their lives.

If you want to help, please, see below the full list of items we are collecting.

Full List of Items needed:

Household Appliances for Ukraine Appeal

  • Microwaves

  • Kettles

  • Induction Hobs (Portable)

  • Mixers

  • Small fridges

  • Toasters

  • Coffee machines

  • Hoovers

  • Electric pans (Air fryers, Rice cookers)

  • Inflatable mattresses

  • Blenders

  • Grills

  • Food Mixers

  • Cookware and bakeware utensils

  • Cleaning utensils (mops, sponges, sweeping brushes…)

  • Cups (plastic)

  • Cutlery (for adults and Kids)

  • 2 pin adaptors

  • Binoculars

  • Sleeping bags

  • Torches and head torches

  • Spare batteries

  • Portable charger and cables

  • Tent repair kit, paracord, gaffa tape, cable ties and sewing kit

Baby Items for Ukraine Appeal

  • Sleeping bags for all ages

  • Baby nappies – all ages

  • Sudocrem

  • Babygrows – all ages

  • Socks

  • Soothers

  • Blankets

  • Hats & Gloves

  • Vaseline

  • Teething rings

  • Children undergarment

  • Feminine hygiene products

Medical supplies for Ukraine Appeal:

  • Tourniquets

  • Instant ice packs

  • Foil Blankets

  • Antiseptics

  • Hemostatics sponge

  • Hemostatics bandages

  • Bandages

  • Brace

  • Medical gloves – Small, Medium & Large

  • Paramedic scissors

  • Plasters

  • Thermo blankets

  • Burn dressings

  • Tape for bandages

There are designated collection boxes across all 6 of our West Wood Clubs. Just bring your item for donation to the box.

If you wish to make monetary donations instead, the West Wood Club is supporting the Irish Red Cross. You can access their donation page following the link below: