Clontarf Virtual Classes Timetables - West Wood Club


06:15Bodypump60 minLME
07:30Les Mills Core30 minLME
07:30Sprint30 minCycle
08:15Sh'bam45 minLME
08:15The Trip45 minCycle
09:15Bodyattack45 minLME
10:30The Trip45 minCycle
11:15Sprint30 minCycle
12:30Les Mills Barre30 minLME
12:30RPM45 minCycle
13:15Bodypump45 minLME
14:15Les Mills Core30 minLME
14:30Sprint30 minCycle
15:00Sh'bam45 minLME
16:00Bodybalance45 minLME
16:00RPM45 minCycle
17:00Les Mills Core30 minLME
20:45Les Mills Core30 minLME
20:45RPM45 minCycle


06:15Bodyattack45 minLME
07:30Bodypump45 minLME
07:30RPM45 minCycle
08:30Les Mills Core45 minLME
08:30Sprint30 minCycle
09:15The Trip45 minCycle
13:30Bodyattack45 minLME
14:00RPM45 minCycle
14:30Bodypump45 minLME
15:00The Trip45 minCycle
15:30Bodyattack45 minLME
16:00Sprint30 minCycle
16:30Les Mills Core30 minLME
19:45The Trip45 minCycle
20:15Bodypump45 minLME
20:45Sprint30 minCycle


06:15Bodycombat30 minLME
07:00GRIT30 minLME
07:45Bodypump45 minLME
07:45The Trip45 minCycle
08:45Les Mills Core30 minLME
08:45RPM45 minCycle
10:30RPM45 minCycle
11:30Sprint30 minCycle
12:30Bodyattack45 minLME
12:45The Trip45 minCycle
13:45Sprint45 minCycle
14:30Les Mills Barre30 minLME
14:30The Trip45 minCycle
15:15Bodybalance45 minLME
15:30Sprint30 minCycle
16:15Les Mills Barre45 minLME
20:30Bodyattack45 minLME
20:30Sprint30 minCycle


06:15GRIT30 minLME
06:15RPM45 minCycle
08:00Sh'bam60 minLME
08:00RPM30 minCycle
08:45Sprint30 minCycle
09:15Bodycombat45 minLME
12:30Bodypump45 minLME
13:30Bodybalance45 minLME
14:00RPM45 minCycle
14:30Bodyattack45 minLME
15:00RPM45 minCycle
15:30Les Mills Core30 minLME
16:00The Trip45 minCycle
16:15Bodypump45 minLME
17:00The Trip45 minCycle
19:45Les Mills Core30 minLME
20:00The Trip45 minCycle
20:30Grit30 minLME
21:00Sprint30 minCycle


06:15Bodypump45 minLME
07:15Bodyattack45 minLME
07:15The Trip45 minCycle
08:15Bodypump45 minLME
08:15RPM45 minCycle
10:30Sprint30 minCycle
11:15The Trip45 minCycle
12:30Les Mills Barre30 minLME
13:15Bodycombat45 minLME
13:30The Trip45 minCycle
14:15GRIT30 minLME
14:30Sprint30 minCycle
15:00Bodycombat45 minLME
16:00Bodybalance45 minLME
16:00Sprint30 minCycle
17:45The Trip45 minCycle
18:45RPM30 minCycle
19:45Les Mills Core30 minLME
20:00Sprint30 minCycle
20:30Bodycombat45 minLME
20:45The Trip45 minCycle


08:15Bodycombat60 minLME
08:30The Trip45 minCycle
09:30RPM45 minCycle
10:30Sprint30 minCycle
12:30Les Mills Barre30 minLME
12:30RPM45 minCycle
13:15Bodypump45 minLME
13:30Sprint30 minCycle
14:15Bodycombat45 minLME
14:15The Trip45 minCycle
15:15Les Mills Core30 minLME
15:15RPM45 minCycle
16:00Bodyattack45 minLME
16:15Sprint30 minCycle
17:00Bodybalance45 minLME
17:00The Trip45 minCycle
18:00Sh'bam45 minLME
18:00RPM45 minCycle
19:00GRIT30 minLME
19:00Sprint30 minCycle


08:15Bodybalance30 minLME
08:15Sprint30 minCycle
09:00Les Mills Core30 minLME
09:00The Trip45 minCycle
09:45Bodyattack45 minLME
12:45Sh'bam45 minLME
12:45The Trip45 minCycle
13:45Les Mills Core45 minLME
13:45RPM45 minCycle
14:45GRIT30 minLME
14:45Sprint30 minCycle
15:30Bodybalance45 minLME
15:30The Trip45 minCycle
16:30Bodypump45 minLME
16:30RPM45 minCycle
17:30Bodycombat45 minLME
17:30Sprint30 minCycle
18:15The Trip45 minCycle
18:30Bodybalance45 minLME
  • Classes with an asterisk (*) have limited spaces. Please book at reception or gym desk on the day.
  • All our classes are over 16’s only unless included on Teen & Family Timetable.
  • Bring a sweat towel and water to keep hydrated and wipe down yourself and the equipment after use.
  • We recommend no more than 3 HIIT style classes a week.
  • Please notify our instructors of Injuries, Illnesses or pregnancy prior to class so that we can help you to move safely.
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