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Last updated: 10/11/2022

What Are The Benefits Of Weight Training

Why is it important to know about the benefits of weight training?

Because when you’re new to the gym, weight training can look intimidating. And many of us avoid lifting weights. But we shouldn’t be afraid of the weights in the gym. Or the toned, muscular bodies you might see.

Building strength offers huge benefits for everyone. No matter your age, fitness level, or gender.

And if your only goal is to get fit, weight training can still be a huge complement to your workout.

But how does weight training work? The science is quite simple. If you force your muscles to work against a resistance, you’re doing strength training. And if you do it often, you’ll build strength. (Press-ups, squats and pull-ups are resistance training exercises – without weights). Gravity Strength is another type of strength training.

But this article is about strength training with ‘weights’ – barbells, dumbbells, and resistance equipment. And the important point is weight training is not all about looking at yourself in the mirror.

Weight training has so many other benefits.

  1. Weight training builds strength and power.

  2. Strength training boosts fitness and increase energy levels.

  3. Weight training improves muscle tone and endurance.

  4. Lifting weights slows ageing and improves posture

  5. Lifting weights improves sports performance.

  6. Building strength boosts energy levels

  7. A stronger body builds self confidence.

But that’s not all the benefits.

Weight lifting helps with weight loss.

Female bodybuilder building muscle at gym in Dublin
Building muscle at our Bodybuilding Zone

Science tells us that over the years, we can lose up to 30% of the muscle from our bodies. Losing muscle slows our metabolism, causing weight gain. But ageing is not the only cause of muscle loss and weight gain. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes. Today, most of us don’t live the active lives of our forefathers. And this is what is causing us to lose lean muscle from out bodies.

But the good news is you can regain lost muscle by lifting weights. And get your metabolism back burning calories..

Burn more calories and fat.

When you lift weights on a regular basis, you increase your metabolic rate. And when you increase your metabolic rate, you burn more calories. Even while you sleep. If you need to lose fat, strength training will boost your metabolism and your weight loss results. Weight training can also stop you regaining the weight.

Unless you work on a farm, modern life provides few opportunities to build strength. This is a pity, because you can enjoy countless other benefits when you lift weights. Chief among them is how building strength can ‘slow down’ how we age.

Weight lifting slows the ageing process

Many scientific studies have shown how weight training can reverse the ageing process. These studies show how strength training slows the ageing process at a ‘genetic’ level. And all experts agree when you build strength, you turn the clock back on the ageing process. Also, whatever your age, you can enjoy these de-ageing benefits.

Weight training prevents injuries as we get older

Weight training helps prevent bone and orthopaedic injuries. This is important as we get older. As you age, you might notice aches in your neck, shoulders, back, knees, and hips. You might associate this with old age. But you can avoid many of these injuries by doing regular weight training. Increased strength and improved flexibility are the best ways to avoid orthopaedic injury. And you’ll develop both from regular weight training.

Strength training is not only building ripped biceps and triceps. There are many other health benefits. Weight training develops the tendons, ligaments, and joints. When you build strong ligaments and joints, you’re far more likely to avoid injury. Why? Because strength training builds healthier and stronger bones. And strong bones are so important as we get older.

Lifting weights even impacts brain power

Scientific research has shown strength training has a positive effect on your brain. Weight training improves how your brain works. And improves your ability to think more clearly.

The older we get the more we need weight training

Strength training is valuable for people of any age or fitness level. But it’s even more important as we get older. Strength is vital for independence. Imagine the everyday functions you do around the house that need strength. Whatever your age, adding strength training to your workout can have massive benefits.

Also, you have the benefits of weight lifting that are harder to quantify. When you lift weights, you build stronger and more toned muscles. Even two sessions a week will bring results in 8-10 weeks. A muscular body can boost self image and leave us feeling better inside. Strength training releases endorphins in the brain. These are the chemicals your brain releases when you’re happy.

Three or four strength training sessions per week might not be for everyone. Fitness should always be enjoyable. And not everyone will be comfortable lifting weights. But weight training has so many positive effects on our body. And that’s why it’s worth introducing strength work into your fitness programme. No gym in Ireland offers as much space and equipment for weight lifting as West Wood Club.

Is your goal to get stronger and more toned? West Wood Club and its certified personal trainers will help you get the body you want. See our videos.

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