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Covid 19 West Wood Club Update

Coronavirus at the gym

In light of the recent news release at 11:30am today by our Government, we are compiling this correspondence in real time based on current critical senior management meetings within the company. Based on this we have moved to stage 3 of our COVID 19 West Wood Club plan. We are trying to work through this in a controlled manner.

As always, the health, safety and welfare of our staff and members is of utmost importance and priority.

West Wood Club will remain open with some activities suspended and others restricted;

  1. Fitzone department in all clubs will close until further notice

  2. Childcare department will close in line with government instruction

  3. Re:fresh beauty salon treatments will postponed until further notice

  4. All children’s group swim lessons will be postponed until further notice

  5. All children’s tennis lessons will be postponed until further notice

  6. All external groups who use our clubs will be postponed until further notice

  7. Swimming pools will remain open as normal

  8. Spa areas will remain open with full closure for deep cleaning and sanitization between 2-4pm each day

  9. Ice room in Leopardstown, Sandymount and Westmanstown will close until further notice

  10. Fitness/aquafit class capacity numbers will be reduced again, please see individual clubs for further information

  11. Boxfit classes will be replaced with an alternative class

  12. All instructors will be given new protocols for teaching classes

  13. Limit the use of cash in the club and pay by credit card where possible

We are further increasing sanitizing measures including additional specific cleaning sanitizing teams throughout the Clubs.

We implemented stage 2 of our COVID 19 plan last night which included the Social Distancing Policy. We urge you to strictly adhere to this practice. Social Distancing requires you keep a 3 feet distance between yourself and other people around you. Staff and management will be actively enforcing this throughout the clubs.

Stage 2 also included “no drinking directly” from the water fountains. You must fill your bottle directly and not use your mouth to drink from the spout.

To recap:

  1. If you show any signs or symptoms of COVID 19 please follow the HSE guidelines and self- isolate immediately

  2. Ensure you follow HSE guidelines on hand washing and hand sanitizing

  3. Ensure you follow HSE guidelines on cough and sneeze technique

  4. Ensure you follow our strict sanitizing guidelines

  5. Ensure you follow the Social Distancing Policy

We thank you for your support during this difficult time and ask that you continue observe the extra hygiene practices we have in place.

As this is such a fast-moving situation we will continue to monitor and update you as it evolves.

Kind Regards

The management Team