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Last updated: 14/10/2022

How To Beat Hump Day

During the week, we all have the greatest intentions to get to the gym in the early hours and start the day right. On goes the gear, double knot the runners, charge the air pods, and maybe even mix up a recovery shake or pre-workout drink. And then the phone rings, the dog needs a walk, and the freezer needs defrosting. It’s 6 pm, you’re still in your kit but it’s getting dark, and you need to get the dinner on. Apart from your Fitbit expressing disappointment that another day has passed without you getting your fitness fix, you also feel a bit defeated and out of sorts. So how to beat the self-sabotage snake on hump day?

Here are a few ideas…

Make an appointment with yourself and the gym

And stick to it. Write it down and be uncompromising – that hour is unconditionally yours.

Plan your workout ahead

There’s nothing worse for your motivation than arriving up and expecting to be able to wing it. Not even fitness pros do that. Even a rough ‘today is pull day’ notion is better than rocking up, seeing your favourite machine is busy and having literally no idea what to do next.

Be time-efficient

Nobody’s workout has to last 90 minutes, that’s just poor time management. Plus if you’re feeling demotivated then the overwhelming length of time it takes is a very handy excuse to pass on the gym today. The common recommendation is that on average, people should train 2-3 times per week. But new studies are showing that less frequent training can produce similar effects if training volume is matched. Be Smart!

Attend classes

Sometimes you need others to do the thinking for you. And that’s OK. Who knows, you may even enjoy it. At the West Wood Club, we offer over 4,500 fitness classes a month coached by our elite team of fitness instructors. Here is a link to our timetables.

Don’t keep doing the same tired old workout plan

Apart from diminishing returns as the body settles nicely into that comfort zone, it’s BORING to keep on with the same routine day after day. Surprise your body and you’ll surprise yourself with a new perspective on fitness. So, if you normally spend all your time pumping the weights, try swimming, BODYCOMBAT, or even yoga once in a while. Be radical!

Be kind to yourself (Mainly on Hump Day)

If you’re genuinely fatigued and run down, don’t beat yourself up about it. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you and respond to it. Remember rest is every bit as important as exercise for healing and recovery and you’ll come back stronger and more focused the next time.

Stop overthinking

Put the blinkers on and force yourself to get out the door without seeing the unwashed dishes, the unbrushed dog, the unaired washing. It’ll keep. Even professional athletes have to fight the procrastination battle. Don’t give in. You’re stronger than that and you can easily beat hump day in style.

Keep a diary of your progress

it might only be a couple of lines, but journaling how you feel day to day can identify how, when and where the sabotaging patterns form so you can deal with the triggers, plus it reminds you how fantastic you feel after exercise. Win. Win.

Get a training buddy

or at least someone in your corner rooting for you. Don’t lean on them too heavily, but having someone to train with or support you – and more importantly not let down – is a great incentive to get your motor running, and head out on the high street.

Do what you love and what makes you feel good

There’s no point throwing yourself into German Volume training if all you want to do is get on a bike and spin, or dance under a Full Moon. To beat hump day, look forward to your workout instead of dreading it and you’re so much more likely to stick with it.

Kathy O’meara - Personal Trainer
25th May 2022 by Kathy O’Meara Kathy O’Meara is a sports therapist and personal trainer specialising in long COVID, cancer and cardiac exercise rehabilitation. She holds the National Qualification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise. She is a movement specialist, and reflexologist and teaches a range of Les Mills classes at West Wood Club, Westmanstown www.powerdown.ie Follow her on Instagram: @kathyomearapt or Facebook: Power Down