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Last updated: 05/02/2023

Pilates Dublin

Pilates Classes in Dublin

If you’ve been searching for a low-impact exercise that builds strength and tones your body, it’s time to get on the mat and experience the power of pilates.

Pilates classes remain massively popular because they provide a very practical kind of fitness in an increasingly sedentary world. Unfortunately for many people, office work is not necessarily conducive to physical health. Think of all the long hours people are sitting at desks in uncomfortable office chairs. Imagine how that must affect the body over time, and the issues to the spine, neck and shoulders that must come from prolonged discomfort. If you’re one of these people – or even if you’re not – you owe your body some regular pilates classes so it can stay limbre.

The History of Pilates

Pilates was invented by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates. He originally called it ‘contrology’. It was designed for recently-released prisoners of war as a way to rehab after long periods of captivity. Joseph thought our modern lifestyles were inherently unhealthy as they advocated poor posture and unhealthy breathing. He was also looking to improve his own mobility and alignment. He hardly expected that the exercise named after him would start a fitness revolution.

Re-shape your body

Pilates, like yoga, takes place mostly at a mat. The class will feature stretches that often emphasise core strength, but you’ll also develop the muscles in your arms, legs, back, glutes, chest, shoulders and hips. The class is incredibly relaxing and fulfilling. On top of the muscle definition you’ll develop, this low-impact fitness class changes and enhances the way you’ll feel inside your own body. Your movement and posture will be improved and you’ll stand tall inside yourself just as you were intended to.

Relieve back-pain

If you have suffered a sports injury and have started the rehab process, pilates is perfect for you. It will allow you to stay in shape and tone your body while your muscles heal. It has has also been known to provide relief for people suffering from chronic pain or recovering from debilitating diseases. Back pain can cause so much stress for people but most pilates classes feature exercises that strengthen the back.

Pilates is not Yoga

Pilates Instructor Gosia getting ready to tach a pilates class at West Wood Club Dublin
Mind & Body Trainer Gosia

It’s worth clarifying two myths before you start taking classes. First, despite sharing similar health benefits and taking place on a mat, pilates is not yoga. Yoga borrows from a wide range of traditions while pilates focuses on exercises that come from a single discipline. Also, while pilates is a tremendous workout that will tone your body and muscles, it is not the first exercise to consider if you’re looking to lose weight.

For anyone looking to balance their strength- or cardio-based workout plan or discover a low-impact workout that will build strength and flexibility, pilates will provide so many benefits.

For serious athletes who are under a lot of physical pressure, these classes provide an outlet for release and relaxation.

Suitable for men and women of all ages

Pilates can bring you awareness of your whole body. It’s about strengthening, stabilising and mobilising. Pilates works for men and for women, and in the last few years, we’ve seen the gender divide break down as men realise there’s much more to the gym than getting big and buff. That said, if you’re looking to develop strength, regular pilates classes will build many muscle groups – making your stronger as well as more flexible.

There’s another benefit to pilates: it is deeply relaxing and can have a positive affect on our mental health. The deep breathing and concentration that are part of a standard pilates class can relieve stress and improve focus.

For a full list of free pilates classes and thousands of other fitness, body-shaping, and fat-burning classes at any of our clubs check out our class timetable.

Improve posture and co-ordination

The advantages of pilates last with us long after we leave the studio. Think of all the things you do in a normal day: the hours you spend sitting in a car on your way to work or at your desk during the working day. That time we spend sitting will have a massive effect on our health as our bodies age. Pilates works to improve our posture and coordination. And best of all, our brain works better when we‘re coordinated.

There are many online pilates videos but if you’re serious about learning this discipline, it’s imperative that you learn from a trained fitness professional.

Enjoy FREE Pilates

Luckily, West Wood Club offers regular pilates classes at its fitness centres. And they are all FREE with membership. If you’d like to learn more about our group fitness classes, please speak with one of our trainers to find out how pilates can help you reach your fitness goals.