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Last updated: 07/02/2023

The Truth About Weight Loss

Weight Management Specialist Alex Leung
Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist Alex Leung

Alex Leung talks about successful Weight Management

For decades and decades, weight loss has been one of the biggest trends in the fitness industry. The continued rise of new dieting trends and fads is proof that many people are still getting poor advice about weight loss. But what does it take to successfully lose weight?

Your weight loss journey

Losing weight, even large amounts of weight, is completely achievable. You just need a plan. And you need a fitness centre like West Wood Club, with qualified personal trainers, to guide you on your weight loss journey.

The secret to successful weight loss? Commitment.

If you’re truly serious losing weight, the most important step to do is commit to it. Just like film stars and celebrities who need to lose weight, you’ll need to commit your time and effort to the pursuit of weight loss. Firstly, you’ll probably need to change your lifestyle. You’ll need to monitor your diet. You’ll have to cut out some bad habits. Secondly, you’ll have to make sure you exercise regularly. And finally, you’ll have to make sure you get eight hours of regular sleep. Without sleep, you won’t feel like exercising. You’ll also be more inclined to reach for the sugar and fat.

But the good news is once you start making changes you’ll begin to see results. You feel 100% better about how you look and feel. You shed body-fat. You lose inches from your wait hips and thighs. And you feel more energetic.

Lose the weight you want for 2020

Pursuing weight loss will push you outside of your comfort zone, but if you’re fully committed to losing weight, the results you’ll see will be truly worth it. Losing a lot of weight is very doable, the big question is whether you are fully committed to changing your lifestyle.

The importance of patience

Patience is such a massive part of the weight loss journey. It’s easy to find fad diets online that promise that you’ll shed 30kgs in 30 days. Our culture today is based on instant gratification, but successful weight loss is a gradual, holistic process. Overnight results are not only unsafe, they’re usually unrealistic. Set achievable goals for yourself that are doable over a believable amount of time. Try and lose a couple of pounds a week.

The secret to staying slim, healthy and fit

Losing the weight you want is going to be a steady process, but as long as you’re seeing regular progress, you’ll be doing fine. Successful weight loss takes time. And if you have a lot of weight to lose, it can be tough looking forward 6 months. So you need to trust the weight loss process. You’ll get your results over time, and keep the weight off, because you choose to do it properly. At the end of the day, getting in shape is not for an hour, it’s not for a day. Staying slim, healthy and fit is something you will do for the rest of your life.

Weight loss is not a mystery

Exercise is hugely important if you’re trying to lose weight but weight loss starts in the kitchen. You’ll need to track your calorie intake and your food intake regularly if you’re serious about losing weight. Weight loss might seem mysterious, but it isn’t. When you consume less than your body’s regular daily calorie allowance, you begin to lose weight. Stick to a nutrition plan that achieves this regularly and you’ll be on your way.

Do the right workout for your weight loss goals

Working out in a positive, progressive environment like West Wood Club will play a massive role in the weight loss process. Be smart about how your work out. Vary your workouts. Emphasise workouts like high-intensity interval training that burn calories powerfully and efficiently. Also, don’t forget to maximise your recovery days. These recovery days will allow you to work out even harder the next day you’re back training.

Lose weight and feel great

At the risk of repeating myself, weight loss is hugely misunderstood. And successful weight loss is not something that can be achieved overnight. It’s not a trend. Getting in shape and staying in shape is a complete change in the way you live your life. Starting can seem scary but it’s worth it. It will push you outside your comfort zone and have you trying new things. But it’s incredible what you will feel about yourself once you achieve a certain point of weight loss. You feel confident and healthier. You’ll have more energy and stamina. Your clothes will fit better. Your blood pressure drops. Exercise becomes so much easier and more fun.

Get the weight management support you need

Weight loss is easier when you’re not doing it alone. That’s what membership at West Wood Club brings. When you work out with our trainers, you can receive an exercise and nutrition plan that will help you lose weight. By becoming a client at West Wood Club, you’ll work with trainers who will get you on the road to healthy weight loss. They will give you as much relevant information as you need to lose weight slowly and safely.